Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eken M001 video: Is this fast enough for you?

The intention here is to show you what an Eken M001 looks like running custom firmware and set up to perform as well as it possibly can. To me, this is much faster and more responsive than the software that comes pre-loaded (v1.7.2) or the official v1.7.4 update.

  • ECOTOX v1.1.1 (based on Eken official v1.7.4 / Android v1.6) custom firmware (comes pre-rooted)
  • Home++ launcher / home app
  • 96MB Linux swap partition on sdcard

I didn't make a video of the official software as I didn't have enough battery. I left the charger at work tonight. Oops! In any case, I leave it to you to decide whether or not what you're seeing is fast enough.....whether you've seen any other flavour or not.

Bear in mind this is a very cheap, low spec device. I got it on TradeMe for NZ$156 (US$112 approx). It can be had for less.

I was looking at the M001 through the viewfinder on my SONY camera, so had a little finger trouble with fine movements on the screen as I couldn't see it very well.


  1. Looks nice. Do you know if you can load ECOTOX and create a swap-file on a Orphan M70003 as well?

  2. I'm sorry I don't know much about the M70003. Check at That seems to be information about various android slates reaches critical mass. :-)