Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best M001 Firmware? "Relax v1.9.6" by Lefeudedieu

If you haven't tried "Relax v1.9.6" by Lefeudedieu on your Eken M001, give it a go ASAP.

  1. The Android Market works right from the start. No fix. No fiddling. It just works.
  2. It's rooted and all you have to do to get root access is enable USB debugging in the Settings -> Applications -> Development, then go to a terminal and type in "SU" and allow access to the SU app.
  3. It sees and uses a Linux swap partition if you have on your sdcard as the second partition. Mine is 128MB.
  4. It's fast. ADW.Launcher leaps into service when asked. The Home screen switcher doesn't lag. The M001 is as responsive as I have ever seen it.
  5. It looks great. Lefeudedieu knows how to theme his firmwares and he does a great job.
  6. Based off the lastest firmware update from Eken - v1.9.1.

The only "bug" I found in v1.9.6 is French as the default language. Which isn't really a bug. It's just not the language I wanted. Easily fixed: Go into Menu -> Settings and change the region to whatever supported language you need it to be. It takes affect immediately.

Anyone familiar with the M001 and similar tablets will know that access to the Android Market is a constant issue because these devices aren't phones and so far no one had been able to automate the Market setup. Users who wanted access to the Market had to mess about with creating an "androidID" in the Android SDK emulator and then using sqlite3 on the PC to insert it into a file on their devices. For many users, this was a bridge too far. Relax v1.9.6 fixes that completely. I signed into the Market and downloaded an app. I shut down and re-booted and went to the Market and downloaded another app. It "Just Worked" (tm). Yes. Finally.

Folks.....this is the firmware we've been waiting for. Get it on.


  1. Rich, click on the link "Relax v1.9.6" found in the first sentence.

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  3. I've installed Relax, and I've found that I can connect to the Android market, however anything that I try to download, be it free, or purchased fails. However the Amazon Android Market does load when installed, and I've been re-downloading my app's to my Elkin M-001 device. Any known fixes for the Android Marketplace downloading issue?