Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kobo e-reader for Android

I downloaded and installed the free Kobo e-reader app for Android last night. Once installed, I created an account and bought a book "The Shadow Factory". It's a US book, but the price was quoted in NZ$. I thought that was pretty good.

This all took at most 5 minutes from install to completed book download.

There were a couple of apparent glitches. The Kobo app said there had been an error and to restart the app.....but the book download appeared to be proceeding normally anway, so I let it finish and then opened the book to read it. That worked fine. I'm not sure what the error message was for.

The table of contents in the book appears to not work....or I don't yet understand how it should work. If I touch a link for a location in the book, it presents a blank, white page....but I am able to happily scroll though the book directly. Fonts can be changed to serif, sand serif and monotype. A range of font sizes is available.

I'm sure any little glitches seen in v1.0.0 will be sorted out and as it is right now, the app works. I can install it, create an account, buy a book and read the book.

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