Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why "Android Luver"?

This is a blog about Google's Android OS and any device it runs on and any app that can be used on any of them. It marks a departure from my previous blogging on things droid.

I've been running a blog called "Truth Seeker" for more than two years. The original intention of that blog was to think about everyday issues and add my own opinions, views and values to whatever anyone else has published.

That went fine, though thinking takes a fair bit of research and informed opinion takes a fair bit of thinking about what you've researched...and it's a good idea to try to do all of that with integrity.

As time passed, I became more interested in the transformational effects of mobile technology. I started blogging more and moer about tech than current events. I also started getting a lot more views. People wanted to know how to do stuff and wanted to read about what others were doing so they could better understand what and how they could do it too.

So "Truth Seeker" isn't really the right context anymore for that kind of blogging. The odd post I still made on current affairs now seemed out of place.

Why "Android Luver"?

So you know what to expect. I've used laptops for years, but you still need to sit down somewhere with a flat surface and it can't be too bright and the battery doesn't last too long and connectivity is always an issue. More like luggable desktops than truly mobile - everywhere, anytime - information technology.

Then I bought my Apple iPod Touch...and that pretty much changed everything. I was hungering to buy an iPhone as soon as one was available and I could afford it.

But after a few months of using my iPod Touch I worked out that Apple's view of how I should be using the thing wasn't one I shared overall. Instead of buying the iPhone, as planned, I looked for alternatives...and Google's Android OS looked like just the thing.

I bought an HTC Magic 32B from Vodafone NZ a few weeks after they became available.


This blog is driven by that "Wow" feeling I get every time I turn my Android phone or tablet on.

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